We’ve recently published our guide for developing social media strategy, written by Deborah Lewis. If you’d like to download a copy then click on this link: Social Media Strategy.

We think businesses need a new model for narrative and communications which builds trust and belief.

This and much of our work is based on a belief that current model for reputation is outdated. It is too dominated by media relations and often not so leading thought leadership.  There is a dependence on profiling senior people who may or may not be orators or even wish for a public profile. It is defensive, often directed by crisis and issues management.

In a changing world, traditional thinking needs to be recast with fresh approaches to tell your story with power and to make the most of word of mouth.

Because if the story isn’t right at the outset, then all too often, word of mouth gets whispered in Chinese, and is either useless or damaging.

At the Hero Machine, we think about stories differently – and we think differently about your audiences too.

Research shows your audiences are ever more educated but with a shorter attention span. They don’t read newspapers as much as magazines. They are selective TV viewers, online at the same time as they watch. They want mobile, not static. Their lives are accompanied by music. They are stylish and design aware. They record and download to review. They prefer their own remix. Their digital space is their space – corporate involvement needs careful handling and they won’t be impressed by businesses that heavy-handedly invade their social networks.

These audiences increasingly command major corporate budgets and make far-reaching decisions which will affect your business. They are your employees, customers, journalists, they work in institutions which regulate how you trade.

That’s why you need new thinking.

Of course, you can rest assured that we are outstanding corporate comms practitioners in the traditional sense. Our core skills are second to none, honed over 20 years of working with global brands, UK players and start-ups.

But alongside, we work with process mapping specialists, photojournalists, news producers, documentary and current affairs editors, broadcast and digital specialists to create more compelling and high impact narrative and content that works more effectively in a social media world.

The result is your story is clearly understood, and helps your reputation grow organically, sustainably and credibly, driven by word of mouth, adding resonance and depth to the corporate messaging delivered by your CEO and board.




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