About us

The Hero Machine came into being to help businesses explain better the good work that they do.

Why is business never the hero? Why is it always the bad guy? Especially big business? Why is it so much easier for people to see the bad stuff that business does? Why does everyone ignore the good?

These are the types of questions that make the Hero Machine different. We’re not just a PR agency that gets you coverage, negotiates speaker opportunities and manages your social media profile.

Yes we do all of that (and lots more to help you grow your reputation). But at heart, we work with businesses to find – very often, to rediscover, sometimes literally to unearth – the real human story that makes a business special but that very rarely gets told.

Businesses tend to bury these stories away as they grow and develop. They get forgotten as people leave, they get lost as businesses grow through acquisition. Over the years, the story of the company becomes impersonal, stale. Jargon, management speke, mission statements, vision statements, elevator pitches and brand essences take over. The humanity is lost. Is it any wonder employees and customers fail to engage?

The history of every business is a journey with exciting challenges, danger, heart-stopping moments, comedy, sometimes tragedy, often derring-do.

At the Hero Machine, we help you to reconnect with this story, then to tell it truthfully yet in a compelling way. We don’t spin, and we don’t exaggerate. Because the truth is always enough.

Then we work with you and your people to develop great content, and to use traditional, social and emerging techniques to help you connect and share that story with the audiences that matter.

If you want to rediscover your inner David after years of being wrongly cast in the Goliath role, get in touch.

We’ll help you tell your story better.

LinkedIn http://uk.linkedin.com/in/deborahjlewis
Twitter https://twitter.com/DeborahInComms
Telephone +447710344370
E-mail deborah.lewis@theheromachine.com

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